Jun 07, 2016 Article

Zattoo and ABOX42 launch DVB-C/IP multiscreen TV solution

Swiss IPTV company Zattoo and German set-top-box provider ABOX42 demonstrate a new white label DVB-C/IP hybrid multiscreen TV solution for cable operators at ANGA COM 2016.

The solution developed in collaboration with cable marketing association Deutsche Netzmarketing (DNMG) enables small and medium-sized cable companies with an existing DVB-C infrastructure to add IP-based first-screen services like live pause, catch-up TV and network PVR as well as additional channels. It also contains a modern user interface, multimedia EPG, HbbTV, VOD service maxdome and apps.

The second screen component comprises applications for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets as well as a browser-based service for PC or Mac. The integration with the TV set through the set-top-box enables functions like remote recording and channel list editing on all devices.

Zattoo operates the entire service as an end-to-end solution and handles the operation of the multiscreen product, the management of the set-top-boxes in the field and the further development of the applications.

“Linear cable television alone will not be enough to survive in the market long-term. Therefore, many of our members have long sought an option for developing their cable TV product and making it future-proof,” said Ingo Schuchert, managing director of DNMG. “I am delighted that our cooperation with Zattoo and ABOX42 has now provided us with precisely this option.”

The hybrid DVB-C/IP solution complements the IPTV service for cable operators launched by Zattoo, ABOX42 and DNMG in April 2015. Its customers include NetCologne and M-net.

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