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Security and Privacy

The complete ABOX42 dotIO platform is built around the Security and Privacy of Customer Data.

One of the big points on our checklist has been security. ABOX42 was able to transfer the years of knowledge in the Set-Top Box business to the dotIO platform and has successfully transferred established mechanisms to reach a very high security standard for both the gateway and its communication with certified sensors. In addition, the proven ABOX42 Lifecycle Management ensures a secure software delivery and updates for the gateway. And to complete the picture, the complete dotIO platform works with anonymous customer data to guarantee the user privacy.

Secure ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway

The H38 Gateway is based on a secure hardware design. 3rd party high end DRM robustness rules are already implemented on hardware level in multiple ways. On the software side via Secure-Boot only authorized and signed software can installed and booted on the gateway.

Secure software delivery and updates

The software delivery via the ABOX42 Lifecycle Management system is always secured, encrypted and signed. Only certified and approved software can be deployed and installed onto the gateway.

Secure and encrypted communication

All communication from the gateway to the cloud and from the cloud to the mobile Apps is encrypted. Interception or tempering with Sensor information is therefore very unlikely.

Certified Sensors

All provided Sensors are certified by ABOX42. The complete systems ensures that only certified and know sensors can be connected and operated in the dotIO platform.

User privacy

The complete dotIO platform works with anonymous customer data. At no point in time will ABOX42 be able to access the Operator‘s customer data.