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About ABOX42 and the ABOX42 dotIO Operator Smart Home Solution

Matthias Greve, CEO and Founder

Matthias Greve, CEO and Founder

ABOX42 is a German-based Company with over forty Operator Project Platforms currently running worldwide. We have over 10 years of experience and specialize in providing an All-In-One Solution for Operators to build up successful TV Platforms. Recently, building off our experience and to support growth for the Operators, we have launched our new dotIO Smart Home Solution.

„Smart Home“ is a currently a big buzzword in the Market. The Big Players (Google, Apple etc.) are mainly focused on products/devices sold to retail stores and normally don’t have a sales service involved. For an Operator, it is important to have a clear service to offer for their end-users, which does not compete with the big players. What we envision, is that Smart Home provides a huge business opportunity for Operators. The Operator Industry began with Cable TV, Internet and Telephone Services. Now, we also see that the Smart Home Solution can be added as a Service to help Operators to reduce churn and increase their revenue streams.
ABOX42 is able to offer a unique selling proposition for the Operators with its newly designed dotIO Operator Smart Home Solution. This End-to-End Solution provides the Operators a great opportunity to enter the Smart Home Market.

Oliver Soellner , Member of the Board

Oliver Soellner , Member of the Board

ABOX42 meets all of these challenges by enabling an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage Smart Home Solution for both the Operator and the End-User. ABOX42 supports Operators by helping them to upgrade their products and stand out against their competition.

With ABOX42’s dotIO Smart Home Platform, Operators can benefit from running a comprehensive Smart Home Solution without being required to have a large budget, complicated integration or complicated team structures.

With the help of ABOX42´s dotIO Smart Home Solution, new products and services can be introduced with a short lead time by offering a customizable, white-label Solution which includes gateways, a whole assortment of diverse sensors, highly secure big data cloud solution, operator cockpit as well as end-user mobile applications.


ABOX42 dotIO Operator Smart Home Solution

The ABOX42.IO Operator Smart Home Solution is the latest innovation by ABOX42 and provides all essential hardware, cloud and mobile components to offer compelling Operator Smart Home services to end-users.

With ABOX42 dotIO, operators can quickly roll out innovative services as an extension of their existing service offerings and multi service bundles.

This new services allow any operator to generate additional revenue streams within the customer base, acquire new subscribers and reduce churn.

All ABOX42.IO services and components are fully integrated and can be easily deployed without project risk, all within a short time line as another turn-key solution by ABOX42.

ABOX42.IO is a fully integrated service platform for the global service provider market to offer Smart Home / IOT services. ABOX42.IO consists of:

All is End-to-End integrated with minimal integration efforts into the CRM, billing backend of the Operator.

Benefits of the dotIO End-to-End Solution

Benefits to the Operator

  • Fully hosted by ABOX42.IO
  • No integration required on operator side
    (much easier to deploy than TV platform) only small interface to billing and CRM needed
  • Scalable Platform based on Common Standards
  • Ready to go operator service
  • Service can be quickly rolled-out for the Operator