dotIO Lifecycle Management

abox42-io-lifecycleOperators can ensure that their products in the field are healthy and up-to-date by using ABOX42’s reliable Lifecycle Management Solution. The experience that ABOX42 has gathered with the lifecycle management of its whole product range has been transferred to the built-In secure software lifecycle management system of ABOX42 dotIO, allowing an entirely secure management & delivery of the gateway firmware. This is one of the many features that makes the H38 a solid and secure Smart Home Gateway platform, well prepared for dynamic changes of Smart Home technologies in the future.

dotIO BigData Cloud Services

dotIO-cloud-overviewA range of IoT backend services in the cloud enable the communication with the ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway in order to collect sensor data and user activity from ABOX42.IO Mobile Applications. The ABOX42 dotIO home gateways and mobile applications provide enough data to create various new business models. ABOX42 dotIO Cockpit acts as the DataStorage backend by aggregating and securely storing this information flood. This gives the Operator new opportunities to implement a wide range of Smart Home Business Models.