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ABOX42’s dotIO
Smart Home Solution

ABOX42’s dotIO is the latest innovation by ABOX42 and provides all essential hardware, cloud and mobile components to offer compelling Smart Home services to end-users. 

With ABOX42’s dotIO, operators can quickly roll out innovative services as an extension of their existing service offerings and multi service bundles.
This new services allow any operator to generate additional revenue streams within the customer base, acquire new subscribers and reduce churn.

All dotIO services and components are fully integrated and can be easily deployed without project risk, all within a short time line as another turn-key solution by ABOX42.

ABOX42's dotIO H38 Smart Home Gateway

The smart home gateway is the central device of a solution that processes all information provided by connected devices (e.g. sensors). Solid hardware and enough resources for todays and tomorrows requirements is key for a future proof solution. With 5000 DMIPS and a dual core ARM processor, the ABOX42 H38 Set Top Box platform with Smart Home Gateway capabilities is one of the most modern and powerful Smart Home gateways in the market today. This new platform contains a rich communication package in order to interact with all the latest communication standards and to connect with various sensors in the household for a complete new set of services. H38 supports Thread, RF4CE, Wi-Fi extensions and the latest ZigBee 3.0 standard.
With its built-in advanced security and encrypted data transmission to the dotIO cloud services, the Smart Home Gateway offers most advanced security and privacy for the end-user.

ABOX42 H38 Smart Home Gateway

Ready for the latest IoT standards

  • Thread
  • WIFI extensions
  • RF4CE
  • ZigBee 3.0

ABOX42’s dotIO Life Cycle Management for the Gateway

You want to make sure that your products in the field are healthy and up-to-date. This is only one reason why you want to have a reliable life cycle management. The experience that ABOX42 has gathered with the lifecycle management of its whole product range has been transferred to the built-In secure software lifecycle management system of ABOX42’s dotIO, allowing the completely secure management & delivery of the gateway firmware. One of many features that makes the M30 a solid and secure Smart Home Gateway platform, well prepared for dynamic changes of Smart Home technologies in the future.

ABOX42’s dotIO certified Sensors

The data gathered by the ABOX42 M30 Home Gateway platform is delivered by different sensors which provide data for essential Smart Home services. It is vital to go for extremely reliable, state-of-the-art sensors to provide the most accurate data for a best-in-class service. ABOX42’s dotIO offers a wide range of compatible sensors, certified to work with the ABOX42 dotIO Smart Home Gateways and the dotIO service platform. Sensors for door/window open detection, smoke-, fire-, gas-sensors, water leak detectors, motion sensors and smart power plugs are already available. In addition, the M30 is ready to interact with sensors like cameras with optional intercom functionality (microphone and speaker) via Wi-Fi. ABOX42’s dotIO sensors already support the Green Power standard today, which allows to operate sensors with a maximum of battery life time from 5 up to 10 years. This is a significant advantage regarding battery life compared to previous sensor generations.

ABOX42’s dotIO BigData

A range of IoT backend services in the cloud enable the communication with ABOX42’s dotIO Smart Home Gateway in order to collect sensor data and user activity from ABOX42’s dotIO Mobile Applications. The dotIO home gateways and mobile applications provide enough data to create various new business models. ABOX42’s dotIO BigData acts as the DataStorage backend by aggregating and securely storing this information flood. Thereby, we created the basis for the implementation of a wide range of Smart Home business models.

appstoresABOX42’s dotIO Mobile Applications

The dotIO Smart Home solution is designed as a service for end-users, operated simply with a fingertip via mobile devices, for a most convenient end-user experience. The end user gets to use the dotIO Smart Home Service via mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones which allows the user to interact and entirely manage his service installation and configuration. With a strong background in user interfaces and behavior, ABOX42 provides a hands-on experience for maximum customer satisfaction.