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Jun 20, 2016

IPTV as a chance for operators – Overwhelming response after the first German IPTV breakfast at ANGA COM – hosted by M-net, ABOX42 and Zattoo

Karlsruhe, 20.06.16 – How can regional network operators and city carriers attract more customers and increase sales with IPTV? All without the costs and hassle own development projects would create? That was the headline of the well attended event in Cologne.

During a breakfast event at the Dorint Hotel opposite the exhibition center in Cologne, participants had the chance to meet and exchange experiences. The panel discussion featured Thomas Bichlmeir, TV Product Management / Head of IPTV of the Southern Germany network operator M-net, Oliver Soellner, management board of the German set-top-box platform provider ABOX42 located in Karlsruhe, and Gernot Jaeger, chief officer B2B TV Solutions IPTV of platform operator Zattoo. The host was Julian Clover from Broadband TV News.

The picture was quite clear after the debate: Yes, IPTV is a great opportunity for network operators, but it is important to find the right partner. As a pioneering approach M-net presented their own multi-screen IPTV solution, which is a white label service fully hosted and managed by Zattoo.

“We tackled this project together with Zattoo because the Zattoo platform makes it possible to offer the TV service under our own brand, without having to invest in complex and expensive IPTV technologies. We were able, thanks to a very professional project management, to bring our own state-of-the-art TV product to the market within a few months. The first outcome is very promising.” said Thomas Bichlmeir.

Demanded by the audience, Gernot Jaeger of Zattoo explained that there is a general trend in Europe towards hosted TV services, especially for regional and national network operators. “The more devices a TV service must cover, the narrower linear and non-linear content is interlinked, the shorter development cycles get, the harder it is for regional and national network operators to handle this development in-house. Large, mandate enabled TV platforms are the only alternative. That way, the network operator is still in the foreground with his brand, he continues to hold the customer relationship but purchases the actual TV product from us as a turnkey solution.”

The set-top-box for the TV service of M-net is provided by ABOX42, a leading provider of innovative set-top-box solutions for TV projects of network operators worldwide. The company supplies the set-top-box including the interfaces for the integration of the Zattoo TV application.

“It is obvious that a modern and comprehensive multi-screen IPTV product with innovative features is essential for national and regional network operators in order to survive along the multinational competitors. With the complete solution offered by Zattoo and ABOX42 we provide the ideal product. With the combination of modern set-top-box hardware, a comprehensive set-top-box middleware, an integrated lifecycle management concept for hardware and software as well as the compatibility to OTT services (such as HbbTV and On Demand services) we provide a complete First Screen product. “said Oliver Soellner


About ABOX42

ABOX42 (www.abox42.com) is a leading manufacturer of IPTV, OTT and hybrid set-top-box solutions acting globally. With more than 7 years of experience and know-how in retail products, ABOX42 develops and markets innovative solutions for network operators. ABOX42 set-top-box platforms consist of innovative hardware, a comprehensive software stack for modern TV applications, a lifecycle management system for the maintenance and updating of the products in the field and various solutions creating USPs that help operator products stand out. For further information: www.abox42.com

About M-net Telekommunications GmbH

Founded in 1996, M-net provides reliable communication technology to large parts of Bavaria, the metropolitan area of Ulm and the Hessian Main-Kinzig-Kreis today. M-net offers everything from one source: from landline and mobile to networking, to data center, to trendsetting high-speed Internet. As one of the few providers in Germany, the company operates it’s own fiber networks in in large parts of Bavaria using a particularly fail-safe ring structure . For further information: m-net.de

About Zattoo TV B2B Solutions

As a technology partner, Zattoo provides IP-based TV solutions for cable operators, FTTH operators and Internet service providers in Europe. The portfolio ranges from back-end services (ingest, encoding and transcoding) to completely hosted and managed end-to-end solutions for IPTV and First Screen as well as Second Screen Mobile / Web-TV. Zattoo is the largest and oldest Internet TV provider in Europe and successfully operates in the B2B business since 2012. The B2B clients in Germany include, among others, Munich-based M-net or BBV Germany, in Switzerland, Quick Line AG or netplus.ch, Kabel-TV Lampert in Austria, POST Luxembourg or the Maltese cable operator Melita.

For further information: zattoo.com/solutions