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Jan 12, 2016

ABOX42 announces Partnership with Perception TV

PerceptionTV Ltd integrates its IPTV platform into ABOX42’s M-Series set-top-box platform

· Partnership includes ongoing promotional demonstrations and marketing activities

· Integration will be showcased at industry events in 2016

Karlsruhe, 12. January 2016 – ABOX42 GmbH, a leading supplier of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid SmartSTB platforms and IPTV, multiscreen technology specialist, PerceptionTV have joined forces to provide customers with a complete IPTV/OTT hardware and software solution for international markets. The Perception platform will be integrated into ABOX42’s M series smart set-top-box platform and showcased at a number of industry events in 2016.

The integration will be engineered in house with both parties committed to providing technical expertise to manage and develop the joint offering. The partnership will include a dedicated marketing plan to raise the profile of both companies through joint promotion of each other’s products and services.

The Perception™ platform delivers a complete, global, OTT multiscreen TV service integrating the four key components of TV, live TV; catch-up TV; video-on-demand and cloud-based PVR into one intuitive user-interface. PerceptionTV’s fully scalable IPTV platform delivers content to any connected device anywhere, anytime. PerceptionTV allows both established TV providers and start-up businesses to launch a branded service within a few months, delivering the service rapidly and cost effectively.

Perception™ also provides the capability to deliver video entertainment services on a global scale utilising its regionalisation and multi-node functionality. ABOX42’s customers will benefit from a smart, latest technology set-top-box combined with Perception’s capability to provide a seamless multiscreen viewing experience. This will allow customers to begin watching TV at home on a traditional TV set and pick up exactly where they left off on a mobile device on the way to work. The ABOX42 set-top-box solution is already delivering successfully a complete Multiscreen TV solution with partners in the German speaking territory.

ABOX42 is a leading supplier of a next generation smart set-top-box platforms for Pay-TV, IPTV and OTT operators. The ABOX42 solution consists of four major elements: compelling hardware, a cross platform compatible and rich SDK and essential cloud services for secure software delivery and lifecycle management of the set-top-box deployment. ABOX42 offers a full range of smart set-top-boxes with different price-points and feature-sets; from cost effective IPTV/OTT STB platforms up to UHD/4K high end Hybrid-DVB receivers.

John Mills, CEO PerceptionTV Ltd. said “TV is changing. People want to watch programmes and video anywhere, anytime so operators need to be agile enough to deliver this dynamic TV experience. Our IPTV multiscreen Perception™ platform can ease the transition, offering an innovative and familiar end-to-end solution quickly and cost effectively. ABOX42 recognises the importance of multiscreen viewing as much as we recognise that there is still a need for a high quality viewing within the home – this partnership ticks both boxes.”

Matthias Greve, CEO ABOX42 says “For us it is a great step to partner with PerceptionTV, since PerceptionTV is a recognized player in this market on an international basis with vast experience in delivering complete multiscreen propositions to operators. The combination of ABOX42’s set top box platform delivering a feature rich, future proof and secure solution to the first screen, along with Perceptions ability to seamlessly integrate the wireless devices, provides operators with exactly what they need.“

About PerceptionTV Ltd.

PerceptionTV Ltd was founded in 2014 and is a high growth media technology company responsible for the global development of the Perception™ multiscreen IPTV platform. Perception combines live TV, catch-up TV, video-on-demand and network PVR into a single and exciting user interface across multiple screens. Designed for operators, broadcasters and content aggregators, Perception’s white label and regional functionality provides a cost effective and rapidly deployable solution. PerceptionTV operates alongside its sister company Vision Technologies, providing innovative and compelling products and services to the IP broadcast industry.Headquartered in London, PerceptionTV also has development offices in Europe, MENA and Latin America.

About ABOX42

ABOX42 (www.abox42.com) is a leading, Germany based, supplier of a next generation Smart Set-Top-Box platforms for Pay-TV, IPTV and OTT operators. The ABOX42 solution consists of four major elements. Hardware, Software, User Interface and Cloud services. ABOX42 offers a full range of Smart Set-Top-Boxes with different price-points and feature-sets; from cost effective IPTV/OTT STB platforms up to UHD/4K high end Hybrid-DVB receivers. The ABOX42 SmartSDK software stack offers full compatibility through out the entire hardware line; so operators can easily deploy different hardware version running the same TV-services. ABOX42’s OPX TV User Interface offers end users an easy to use GUI with all essential DVB, IPTV and OTT functions. The final part of the offering are various Cloud TV and SaaS services to manage the installation, operation and upgrading of the ABOX42 SmartSTB in the field.

ABOX42’s SmartSTB platform can easily be integrated into existing operator services or can be used in a modular way to quickly and cost effectively built up a complete Pav-TV offering using the ABOX42 OPX TV middleware solution.

In contrast to traditional project driven Set-Top-Box suppliers, ABOX42 products and services are constantly enhanced and always make the latest features available to all customers.

ABOX42’s products and services are used by Telcos, ISP, Cable operators and OTT companies on a world-wide basis.