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4th IPTV / OTT Industry Breakfast, London

Thank you to all the guests for joining our 4th TV Connect IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast. We had a great turnout with over one-hundred and fifty attendees covering a wide range of industry experts including broadcasters, service providers, industry analysts and media professionals. We all discussed some of the most important topics in the TV industry such as how modern multi-screen solutions should look like; the inevitable migration path from DVB to IP, and how current multi-application first screen solutions help to keep control over the “HDMI1” .

As one of the main points, we concluded that the TV is still the main screen in the household and it is important that Operators keep control of this by offering a compelling multi-application TV Solution, which is covering Live TV, on demand services, catch up TV and major OTT Services in a controlled environment. Another main topic discussed is the increasing importance of capturing and interpreting analytical data and user behavior to improve the service offering and upsell and cross-sell further TV packages. Finally, as content evolves to UHD and multi-screen, having seamless security across multiple devices becomes more important than ever. As we all look forward to additional revenue streams and how to reduce customer churn, it was felt that Operator Smart Home Solutions would become the logical next step in extending Operator Service offering.

Thank you once again for coming and we look forward again to seeing you at our 5th edition IPTV/OTT Industry Breakfast Event. Below are further interviews from our speakers.


Oliver Soellner, ABOX42 GmbH
Steve Christian, Verimatrix
Gernot Jaeger, Zattoo TV Solutions