For more than 20 years the TV market was straigthforward, however, nowadays, with the growth of new Internet technologies, the Internet and TV are rapidly converging.

ABOX42 recognized that this convergence of Internet and TV is opening up new opportunities for new business models in the OTT field for already established operators as well as for new market players. In the IPTV segment there is a big need for upgrading from existing solutions to modern 3rd generation IPTV solutions, which requires latest technology Set Top Box platforms with advanced features.

In this changing world of TV and new Internet technologies, ABOX42 established as a leading player of next generation IPTV, OTT (Cloud TV) and Hybrid-DVB Smart STB with support of all major standards (for applications and streaming technologies). Next to this ABOX42 offers with OPX Collection of SaaS an Cloud TV services to deploy, operate and maintain the service in the field.
ABOX42 has extensive experience and knowledge of managing end-user mass-market products. ABOX42 is specialized in developing customized Smart STB solutions for international customers and has already deployed over 120 different TV applications and OTT services.

The ABOX42 Smart STB platform is the ideal solution for IPTV and OTT providers, network operators (e.g. Cable Operators) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ABOX42 is very experienced in delivering customized STB solutions and offers unique solutions for the operation of STBs and for the management of the entire lifecycle. ABOX42 offers short project cycles and short production lead times.
In addition, there is a comprehensive developer program including examples, support and more.

Matthias Greve - CEO & Founder

Matthias is one of the few real entrepreneurs in Germany. He founded and raised a hand full of companies in the field of internet, internet services as well as hardware. With this background and vast management experience, Matthias started ABOX42 – which today is a group of companies – with the clear objective to create    revolutionary products and solutions in the new TV space, which allow operators to create modern, advanced and compelling product offerings. Matthias is acting as CEO and drives the company with his visions and expertise.

We started with the intention to help to change the TV world to a world, where TV experience is personal and TV is no longer limited to a linear experience, but offers a big flavor of different services. We own a lot of unique technologies which we built in the recent years and which are developed to help operators to role out new TV projects without any hurdles and for least cost, compared  to legacy systems

Oliver Soellner - Member of the Management Board

Oliver is creating the business for ABOX42 since the start. With his extensive experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development in various positions in the IT and CE industry, he is driving sales & business development at ABOX42 and is the main contact for our partners and customers worldwide. What started in the European region a couple of years ago, today is a global presence of ABOX42 in all major territories with substantial operator projects all over the world.

Looking at the TV space today, the ABOX42 approach was the missing piece in the fast changing world of TV. It is great to see how fast the new TV approach is adopted by operators world wide. This is a great opportunity for a modern, agile and innovative company like ABOX42.