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In today’s constantly changing TV Service Environment, it is vital to have Solutions that are easy to implement and offer many choices. With ABOX42, you can be sure that your Solutions will be quickly implemented while at the same time providing different options, including the fundamental choice between Operator-Grade Linux and Android Operating Systems. We offer both Systems with Complete Security and Lifecycle Management that you require to successfully manage your TV Service. Additionally, we can provide you with a Solution to have the “Best of Both Worlds” TV Experience, where OPL and OPA run side-by-side without having to compromise Security and Control. For any new Software Solutions that you need, we have established a seamless Solutions Process to deliver them quickly and within your budget. ABOX42 also can provide you with a head start, with the OPX TV Client for an easy integration of your content and a customizable feature set. Together, these Solutions will help you deliver the best-in-class TV product.

Operator-Grade Linux (OPL) and Android (OPA)

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in Android as an OS for Operator-Grade TV products including Android applications. Operators using Android are facing some major challenges to implement this with the same amount of security and control as the STBs, running on a Linux (OPL) operating system. These challenges include reduced security (current hardware sold can be rooted, hacked or modified), no lifecycle (software and hardware), no security in the APK delivery and no managed App store for the Operator. ABOX42 has found a way to overcome these challenges and bring you both the Software and Hardware that will work seamlessly with the Android Applications (OPA system).

ABOX42 can also provide a solution where both the OPL (Operator Linux) and OPA (Operator Android) systems can run on one Smart Set-Top Box platform. With this option, your STBs will have the full flexibility to switch between the two systems offering your customers the “Best of Both Worlds” TV experience.

Solution Process

To support the rapidly changing technologies, ABOX42 has established a seamless Solution Process. Using our process, we will work with you to create a solution you need for software changes and implement them quickly and efficiently while staying within your budget. We make sure to outline the detailed requirements and perform testing, including quality assurance, during the evaluation phase to determine the Solution feasibility. So, when it is time to implement the Solution, it is ready to go.

OPX TV Application

The ABOX42 OPX TV Application is the ideal solution for operators to offer a next generation TV experience without having to develop their own user interface. The ABOX42 OPX TV Application can easily be integrated into the existing middleware / backend / head-end infrastructure of the operators network. OPX TV offers a modern designed UI, all essential features for a modern TV product and can be connected to the operators existing CMS / BMS solution via a unique proxy concept.

  • Innovative User Interface
  • TV Zapper
  • DVB feature support (Teletext, Subtitles & Audio)
  • EPG
  • Network Time-Shift / Network PVR
  • Channels with non linear content
  • Application launcher / portal
  • Local Time-Shift / PVR
  • Middleware
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Red Button / HbbTV
  • User Management
  • Social Media, Social Marketing
  • Support of 3rd party systems