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ABOX42 Software, SDK & Developer Support - ABOX42’s Software Platform & All-In-One Multi-Application Solution

The ABOX42 Software Platform is a very mature and rich software stack that provides you with all essential features and functionalities required for a thrilling first-screen TV product. ABOX42 has managed to create a cross-platform stack which allows customers to switch hardware without going through major changes of any kind. A variety of software modules help build the all-in-one Multi-Application Solution according to your requirements.  Ranging from a solid browser, a Mediaplayer supporting all relevant formats to an advanced PVR/Time-shift for both IPTV and DVB. Topped-off with a great compatibility to modern TV middleware solutions and a well-documented SDK, ABOX42 offers the most holistic product approach in the industry.


All-In-One Solution (Software Modules)

Versatile Browser:

ABOX42 platforms work side by side with different browser types as separate runtimes supporting everything you need to build or integrate your own TV applications for a compelling multi-application product. Naturally driven by the industry standards and customer demands, you can take full control using our rich and well documented JS- and REST-API. A great variety of applications are already running on our market-proven browsers, allowing you to provide high end 3rd party content to your customers – out of the box.

Multi-Application Environment:

ABOX42 provides complete support for running a multi-application environment on your Set-Top-Boxes. You will be able to provide customers with HbbTV on demand services, Video-on-Demand (VoD) services and support for 3rd party services. We have deployed well over 100 services including: RadioTime, many HbbTV apps from broadcasters, HTML TV applications and SMART TV Alliance applications. Additionally, we can assist in building or integrating your own TV applications through our Professional Services team.

Media player:

Quality of service is very important in your line of business. The ABOX42 Mediaplayer supports all major streaming formats, head-ends, encoding solutions and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), all up to UHD/4K. And with the help of the JS-API’s QoS calls, you can control and monitor the playout on the Set-Top Box (STB), providing you with vital information for your analysis. The Mediaplayer supports DVB, HLS, MPEG Dash, SmoothStreaming, Mutlicast and RTSP.

Network PVR/Timeshift Support:

The ABOX42 Smart SDK enables you to make full use of the Network PVR and Timeshift support. As a natural extension of the Mediaplayer, different middleware solutions and head-ends are supported to open up the cloud for your customers. Record and play the content in the cloud with all the well-known features like trick play, Restart TV, programmed recordings or CatchUp TV.

Local PVR/Timeshift Support:

The counter piece of the Network PVR is, of course, the local PVR. In the same manner and with the same feature set, you can use external storage devices. Especially for customers from countries where the network PVR is not allowed, the local PVR is the only alternative. Supported devices can be handled with various file systems and a capacity of up to 4 TB. Record multicast DVB as well as unicast / HLS streams and save the metadata like a thumbnail and a description.

DRM & Software CAS:

ABOX42 works close with the leading DRM vendors in the market and has already integrated numerous systems for its customers. Ranging from Verimatrix OTT/IPTV, SecureMedia, Microsoft PlayReady, Marlin and AES to Widevine for OPA (Android), we are up for any challenge to provide a secure delivery of your content.

DVB Extensions and Functionalities:

ABOX42 is able to provide DVB Extensions for most of its platforms and thereby leads the well-known features into a new and hybrid environment where they can merge with the new and enriched web content. The user can now choose from a multitude of entertainment offerings like teletext, HbbTV, subtitles, multi audio and much more, while you can choose the way you deliver it. Full DVB functionality is available as JS API through our SDK to build a complete DVB User Interface in HTML5. Whether it’s multicast, HLS or DVB, we make sure your offer stands strong.

Compatibility to modern TV middleware Solutions:

Knowing that we will face integration scenarios with existing middleware, ABOX42 has an impressive track record with middleware providers and fosters it’s valued cooperation with those partners. As a result, the integration of the existing or desired middleware does not become a insuperable obstacle anymore. With the OPX TV client, we even offer a next generation TV experience for the customers without the operator having to develop everything on their own. As a part of the All-In-One solution, ABOX42 thereby provides solid and modern TV application with all the features you are looking for – out of the box.

Platform Specific Extensions:

Next to the default compatibility modules, ABOX42 offers to build customer specific platform extensions, if required for a project. These extensions can be offered based on a professional service agreement. Our experienced team works efficiently and has proven to be a key factor in clutch situations.

Software Development Kit (SDK) and Developer Support

Software & Support:

ABOX42 offers Smart STB software development kit (SDK) for its major hardware platforms in order to provide you with everything you need to quickly and successfully start your integration and custom development process.

  • As part of the Software Development Kit, ABOX42 provides you with Developer IDE which has a comprehensive guide with code samples that can be copied and app examples for developing/building up SMART TV applications. The Developer IDE is divided into chapters with all topics needed for your developers to build applications. Additionally, it has FAQ questions at the bottom of the page related to each topic.
  • The Developer IDE contains all APIs necessary for OTT&IPTV products and an easy access to all information on how to use the APIs for your own service.
  • We offer huge support of IPTV headends and OTT streaming.
  • The development process is guided by ABOX42‘s technical support team and, based on the professional support agreement, you can get support beyond that.

Professional Services

Our ABOX42 Professional Services team will assist you during the crunch time of your project. It coordinates your custom feature development as well as the custom platform enhancements and integration support. Our highly professional project managers will provide the support you need so you can concentrate on operations. ABOX42 offers scalable support agreements to match your needs.

  • Custom feature development
  • Custom Platform enhancement
  •  Integration Support