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From the very beginning, ABOX42 will have your back. During the evaluation phase and throughout the Software Development Process, our dedicated Developer Support team will help you with whatever you need. Additionally, we provide you with Developer IDE for developing your TV Applications or Services. When making the next steps together with ABOX42, our Professional Services team will take over and guide you through the project phase to fill any potential gaps. While your All-In-One Solution makes its way to the finish line, our comprehensive Branding and Customization Process, will help you brand your product from top to bottom. Finally, we will fully manage your logistics through our Supply Chain Management Service. Our efforts will be your success.

 Software Development Kit and Developer Support:

Software & Support:

ABOX42 offers Smart STB software development kit (SDK) for its major hardware platforms in order to provide you with everything you need to quickly and successfully start your integration and custom development process.

  • As part of the Software Development Kit, ABOX42 provides you with Developer IDE which has a comprehensive guide with code samples that can be copied and app examples for developing/building up SMART TV applications. The Developer IDE is divided into chapters with all  topics needed for your developers to build applications. Additionally, it has FAQ questions at the bottom of the page related to each topic.
  • The Developer IDE contains all APIs necessary for OTT&IPTV products and an easy access to all information on how to use the APIs for your own service.
  • We offer huge support of IPTV headends and OTT streaming.
  • The development process is guided by ABOX42‘s technical support team and, based on the professional support agreement, you can get support beyond that.

Developer IDE:

ABOX42 offers a complimentary Developer IDE platform, that comprehensively covers the most important topics around the development on ABOX42 platforms for product managers, developers and middleware providers. We support our partners and customers in every stage of their development process.

The Key Features of Developer IDE:

Broad Range of Examples, Tutorial Videos, Mobile Workbench, API (Application Program Interface), Codes, Testing, Quick Development, FAQ Section, Toolchain Support for Middleware Providers, Additional Support

Professional Services:

Our ABOX42 Professional Services team will assist you during the crunch time of your project. It coordinates your custom feature development as well as the custom platform enhancements and integration support. Our highly professional project managers will provide the support you need so you can concentrate on operations. ABOX42 offers scalable support agreements to match your needs.

  • Custom feature development
  • Custom Platform enhancement
  • Integration Support

Branding and Customization:

ABOX42 understands the importance of creating strong branding for your products. We have established a simple branding process, for both Hardware and Software, to assist you with all of your branding needs. Our STBs platforms are easily customized, helping to reduce your lead times during the production process. To make the process easier, we will provide you with a Branding Process Guide to use for designing and customizing your Set-Top Boxes.

The Branding Process Includes:

  • Hardware Branding
  • Software Branding
  • Additional Branding

Supply Chain Management:

At ABOX42, we have developed a complete, End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solution to deliver our Set-Top-Boxes (STBs) to you on time and within your budget. We handle all of the supply chain logistics for you, so you don’t have to. From the initial factory pickup, to import management, to processing and customization, we will manage the entire process. Additionally, we will ship the STB’s directly to your warehouse and support you after delivery through our warranty management.

The Process includes the following: Factory Pickup, Logistics to the Designate Country/Region, Import Management/ Handling, Storage and Fulfilment Services, Distribution/ Logistics to the Customer Warehouse, Warranty Management/Return Logistics

Cost Optimization

Through ABOX42’s Continuous Supply Chain Model, you can achieve even further savings.  With a continuous ordering mechanism through ongoing forecast planning and order commitments, you will be able to optimize the demand/supply. You will reduce the overall costs due to production arrangements, in-advance logistics arrangements, optimized procurement and better production/capacity planning.

Some of the key benefits apart from cost savings are; reducing product stock at your warehouse, delivery of smaller batches minimizing the order risk, and most importantly you will be able to adjust the volumes over time in line with the market demand.