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ABOX42 Lifecycle Management - The Complete Hardware & Software Lifecycle Management Solution for You

A complete ecosystem that can be seamlessly integrated in any environment. For the first time it is possible for the operator to easily and cost efficiently manage several versions and generations of STBs in the field with one application- and service-environment. Multiple SaaS services not only provide a full and secure management of the software lifecycle and distribution, but also customer and backend management with complete analytics and reporting. Be one step ahead and know what’s going on in the field. Further, you can customize hard- and software to adjust the very flexible branding concept according to your product approach.

Hardware Lifecyle

Our Hardware has its own lifecycle and roadmap. ABOX42 offers different Hardware options over time. So you can start eg. your HD Service with MPEG4/h.264 and move to HEVC at a later state.
In addition, we have a clear roadmap for 4K with our M40 4K UHD Smart Set-Top Box. All our STBs run with the same SDK and offer compatibility for your service and application. For the first time it is possible for you as the operator to easily and cost efficiently manage several versions and generations of STBs with one application- and service-environment. This enables the service to evolve over time or to differentiate you offer between low end user and high end user (e.g. non PVR device and devices with built in hard disk).

Update application module

With the Update Application module the end-user will be able to update his ABOX42 Smart STB with the latest software. This ensures the compatibility to all services during the entire lifetime of the product. As you might have already figured, this module is communicating with the ABOX42 Lifecycle Management which is managed by you as the operator.

Secure software (firmware) delivery

The ABOX42 Lifecycle Managment includes the secure delivery of firmware for the initial software installation, as well as for firmware upgrades and downgrades. Our so-called Brand-Key-Concept is an elaborate solution for all necessary aspects of secure firmware management and delivery in the field. Further, you can follow the delivery chain for every single STB in the field and look at its firmware history from day one.

Management of software lifecycle

As a futher innovation, ABOX42 solved the complete software lifecycle for its Smart STB platform to maintain the compatibility for future needs. Manage the whole lifecycle of your devices in the field, create different user groups according to your business model and customer plans or get log files from specific units for further analysis. The ABOX42 Lifecycle Management has a intuitive UI and great features that give you all the tools you need to maintain your quality of service.

One Software Platform, multiple years of Smart Set-Top Box platforms and generations