ABOX42´s All-In-One
Smart Set-Top Box Platform for IPTV / OTT & Hybrid-DVB

Today’s TV landscape is more diverse than ever and carries over the changing demands in user behavior and content. The solution to those changes can hardly be an STB alone, but rather the whole ecosystem it’s running in. Thinking outside the box is what makes the difference with ABOX42, who enables you to move the Set-Top Box itself, the vehicle so to speak, in the background and rather put emphasis on all 5 core components, of which the Set-Top Box is just one, to form an ALL-IN-ONE solution.

Overview of the All-In-One-Solution

As a part of the All-In-One solution, ABOX42 is able to provide it’s very own line of Smart Set-Top Box solutions covering OTT / IPTV and Hybrid DVB projects. Coming from a long lasting Web Technology, OTT and IPTV driven background, ABOX42 engineers and manufactures according to the highest market standards with the well-known German Quality approach. Our product lines are scalable in functionality and pricing to cater to each and every individual setup in a diverse market. Along with the other core components like the Software Platform and the built-in Lifecycle, our hardware is hands down one of the most advanced STB platforms for any operator requirement.

The ABOX42 Software Platform is a very mature and rich software stack that provides you with all essential features and functionalities required for a thrilling first-screen TV product. ABOX42 has managed to create a cross-platform stack which allows customers to switch hardware without going through major changes of any kind. A variety of software modules help build the all-in-one Multi-Application Solution according to your requirements. Ranging from a solid browser, a Mediaplayer supporting all relevant formats to an advanced PVR/Time-shift for both IPTV and DVB. Topped-off with a great compatibility to modern TV middleware solutions and a well-documented SDK, ABOX42 offers the most holistic product approach in the industry.

The ABOX42 Lifecycle Management Solution (LCM) is a complete ecosystem that can be seamlessly integrated in any environment. ABOX42 offers a modern and secure Set-Top Box client and head-end solution for the installation, deployment and operation of your ABOX42 Set-Top Boxes in the field to upgrade your TV services gradually over time.

ABOX42 Services provide Developer IDE and Developer Support for Operators for fast and hassle-free Software Development and Integration. The Professional Services team will then guide the Operator through the project phase. When the project is near completion, ABOX42 will assist the Operator with their top to bottom branding and fully manage the logistics process through the Supply Chain Management Service. With these Services, you can be sure to have a successful project completion and roll-out.

Our Solutions scale to any business volume to match your needs. ABOX42 has so far provided different solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from digital signage deployments and global TV projects to fully equipped IPTV and Hybrid TV clients. Being able to support both Linux and Android environments, having a seamless Solution Process and providing a head start with the OPX TV Application makes us stand out to give you the best All In-One Solution.

Why choose us?

ABOX42 is providing latest technology Set-Top-Box products and compelling solutions, suitable for any operator, city carrier or ISP project requiring a modern, future proof and high quality solution from a mature supplier.

  • German Engineering & Quality Management
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Short Lead-Times
  • Fully managed Lifecycle end to end
  • Flexible Customization of Hardware
  • Project based Enhancements and custom development support
  • Full Warranty management
  • Complete Product approach incl. Hardware, Software, Licenses, Certifications & Services

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