ABOX42 is a leading manufacturer of latest generation customized IPTV, OTT and Hybrid Smart STBs with extended expertise and knowledge of managing mass-market & operator products



ABOX42s STB Solutions for OTT, IPTV & Hybrid DVB

The times are changing. The new world of connecting the TV to the Internet brings many opportunities and challenges to you as an operator, developer or integrator. ABOX42 is taking a new approach with the ABOX42 Smart Platform to solve the most important key challenges by providing the hardware, software, development program and services for in-life operation.

ABOX42s IPTV Solution

IPTV is moving from a pure linear product to a complete TV experience with Live, OnDemand and 3rd party content. ABOX42 is providing the solid hardware foundation and the software features to get to a unique TV proposition with least cost and effort.

ABOX42s OTT Solution

OTT is a great opportunity for new players to enter the TV market, or for existing operators to reach new customers and add new features. ABOX42s Smart STB platform has all required hardware and software features and functionalities which are required for modern OTT solutions. Proven in many customer projects, with different TV middleware solutions and based mature hardware products.

ABOX42s Hybrid DVB Solutions

ABOX42s new Hybrid STB line was designed for the most modern requirements from operators. New Hybrid DVB projects require a strong solution which combines the best of both worlds, traditional DVB linear TV as well as compelling new functionalities such as network PVR, VOD, Catch Up TV and 3rd party services.

ABOX42s Solutions

Even though ABOX42 provides a broad spectrum of hardware capabilities & software features. Many projects require custom feature development and adaptations to the operators infrastructure. ABOX42 provides such services as Professional Services as ABOX42 Smart Solutions.

Clients about us

  • “M12 platform from ABOX42 is the first set top box platform to support DivX Plus Streaming, Rovi’s advanced adaptive streaming format.”
    Leander Carell, Senior Manager RES, Rovi Corp.
  • “We finally found with VideoWeb (based on ABOX42 platform) a cost-effective and high quality solution to bring Zattoo Internet television to all kind of TVs.”
    Jörg Meyer, VP Content and Consumer of Zattoo International AG
  • “ABOX42`s B12 platform is the ideal solution for our cable network operator clients, to bring our new interactive services KabelKiosk Choice to every television screen.”
    Matthias Schwankl, Director of Interactive TV and Innovations from Eutelsat/KabelKiosk